Friday, May 16, 2008

Gene Dunlap - It's Just the Way I Feel

There's no denying drummer Gene Dunlap's résumé -- stints in support of Grant Green and Roy Ayers are the funk equivalent of earning Ph.D.s from Harvard and Yale -- so it's little surprise that his debut LP, It's Just the Way I Feel, is such an effective and engaging listen. Dunlap's operating well outside the jazz sphere, however, and despite some obvious fusion-inspired moments, this is first and foremost a straight-up soul album, with a strong balance between slick, dancefloor-ready groovers and heartfelt ballads. Most impressive is the handful of tracks featuring the Ridgeways, an all-girl vocal trio whose sexy harmonies mesh perfectly with Dunlap's crisp, supple rhythms. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

A review from Dusty Groove
An excellent fusiony soul album on Capitol, recorded and released during the crucial years of the "Capitol Rare" sound! Gene Dunlap is a jazz drummer at heart -- but he's got a flair for the modern soul song, and in the same style as Norman Connors or Harvey Mason before him, he manages to put together a strong record of grooves and ballads from behind the kit! The strongest point of the record is work by The Ridgeways, a female soul trio who sing on the best tracks, giving them a smooth Jones Girls-ish kind of sound. The album includes two modern soul classics -- "Before You Break My Heart" and "It's Just the Way I Feel" -- plus "Love Dancin", "Rock Radio", "I Got You", and "Surest Things Can Change".

1. Intro
2. Rock Radio
3. Before You Break My Heart
4. I Got You
5. Love Dancin'
6. It's Just the Way I Feel
7. Should I Take Her Back, Should I Let Her Go
8. Surest Things Can Change


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bowlisha1 said...

This is one of my all time favorite albums. Tks for posting it.

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Thanks so much,this album brings back fond memories.My vinyl is stuffed and I have been searching for this for years,cool.

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Many Thanks for this.

I got the 7 inch singles when they came out but never the LP.

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great album thanks

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Thanks for putting this one up. Great album!

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Nice to hear again after so many years!