Saturday, May 24, 2008

Horace Silver - Total Response

Funky work by Horace Silver -- with a spiritual and political edge! Volume 2 (or "Phase 2") in Horace's United States Of Mind series has politically-oriented and self-reflective vocals by Andy Bey and his sister Salome -- with lots of trippier elements, and a sinister soul & funk groove! Horace plays electric piano, and the band includes Cecil Bridgewater on trumpet & fluegelhorn, Harold Vick on tenor sax, and Bob Cranshaw on bass, Richie Resnicoff on guitar and Mickey Roker on drums. The titles probably give more information about the tracks than we ever could, and include "Acid, Pot, Or Pills", "Soul Searchin", "What Kind Of Animal Am I" (which amazingly blends gospel, funk and honky tonk) , "I've Had A Little Talk" and "Big Business".

1. Acid, Pot Or Pills
2. What Kind Of Animal Am I?
3. Won't You Open Up Your Senses
4. I've Had A Little Talk
5. Soul Searchin'
6. Big Business
7. I'm Aware Of The Animal Within Me
8. Old Mother Nature Calls
9. Total Response



Gianni said...

thanks again.
wonderful posts

Anonymous said...

I've been after this LP for years - thank you.

taro nombei said...

much appreciated!

Ernesto said...

Link removed, can you re-upload please. THANKS!