Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teruo Nakamura - Manhattan Special

Japanese bass player Teruo Nakamra released this album in 1977 on Polydor, it is an all-star event featuring his band "Rising Sun", consisting of Shiro Mori, Mark Gray, Harry Whitaker, Carter Jefferson, Keiji Kishida, Art Gore and Nobu Urushiyama. Guests include John Mosley on trumpet, Art Webb on flute and Herbie Hancock on keyboards among others. Great Japanese funk-jazz.

1. Manhattan Special
2. Rainbow
3. Mescalito
4. Firefly
5. Wiggle Worm
6. Sequoia Forest
7. Mr. Cherry And Mr. T.
8. Love Is A Reflection In The Mirrors Behind Our Eyes/Sunrise In Africa