Sunday, June 22, 2008

Larry Young - Lawrence of Newark

Incredible stuff from the jazz underground of Newark! This is one of the rarest albums ever recorded by jazz organist Larry Young -- cut for the tiny Perception label during the early 70s, and featuring some of the cream of the New Jersey jazz underground. The album's got playing that bridges a number of Young's different styles -- from his straighter soul jazz work at Blue Note, to his harder jamming with Santana and John McLaughlin, to his more fusion oriented albums for Arista. James Blood Ulmer's on guitar, but there's also a large ensemble of excellent players, and lots of other percussion and cool instrumentation that really gives the album an "out there" sound! Titles include "Sunshine Fly Away", "Saudia", "Hello Your Quietness", and "Khalid Of Space".


Pharoah Sanders Sax (Tenor)
Abdul Sahid Drums
Armen Halburian Bells, Percussion, Conga
Stacey Edwards Conga, Percussion
Dennis Mourouse Electric Saxophone, Sax (Tenor), Saxophone
Alain Beard Liner Notes
Reginald Wickham Photography
Sarah Southin Design, Reissue Design
Umar Abdul Muizz Conga, Percussion
Howard King Drums
John Reed Coordination, Reissue Coordination
James Blood Ulmer Guitar
Fred Stark Design
Joony Booth Bass
Cedric Lawson Piano (Electric)
Charles Magee Electric Trumpet, Trumpet
Eddie Korvin Engineer, Remixing
Diedre Johnson Cello
James Flores Drums
Poppy LaBoy Percussion
Abdul Hakim Bongos, Percussion
Jumma Santos Conga, Cowbell, Tom-Tom, Whistle (Human), Tambourine, Percussion, Hi Hat
Don Pate Bass
Larry Young Bongos, Keyboards, Organ, Remixing, Producer, Percussion, Main Performer, Vocals
Art Gore Drums, Piano (Electric)
Juini Booth Bass

1. Sunshine Fly Away
2. Khalid of Space, Pt. 2 Welcome
3. Saudia
4. Alive
5. Hello Your Questions (Islands)



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