Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ronnie Laws - Every Generation

A great little set of soulful fusion -- played by one of the artists who helped invent the genre! Ronnie's mixing soul and jazz easily here -- hitting a sweet groove that's a bit more electric than ever, but which still has all the warmth and depth of his 70s work. A few tracks feature Ronnie singing lead vocals -- but most of the numbers are instrumentals that focus on his extremely catchy work on saxophone -- in that rhythmically soloing mode that first broke big on the earlier hit "Always There". Backing vocals on the set are by Eloise Laws and Miki Howard -- and titles include "Young Child", "Tomorrow", "Every Generation", "As One", "Love's Victory", and the sublime mellow cut "Thoughts & Memories".

Personnel include: Ronnie Laws (vocals, saxophone); Pat Kelly (guitar); Hubert Laws (flute); Joe Sample, Larry Dunn, Patrice Rushen, Ronnie Foster, Bobby Lyle (keyboards); Barnaby Finch (Moog synthesizer); Nathaniel Phillips (bass instrument); Eloise Laws, Miki Howard (background vocals)

1. Young Child
2. Never Get Back to Houston
3. Every Generation
4. Tomorrow
5. O.T.B.A. (Outta Be A Law)
6. Love's Victory
7. Thoughts & Memories
8. As One



Lafayette said...

Cool, thanks...was about to rip the album when we had a Laws family special some months back, but never got around to it!


Andy said...

The other of my wishlist on the same blog,you are the man.If you can't score with track 3 give up!
Thank you

ThorZeen said...

Been looking for this. Thanks for the post.


jaguar said...

Many thanks for this great LP.

Eric Karvelli aka Chi-Town Slick said...

Needed this! Thank you!

alex said...

many thanks for this gem!
i was lucky enough to see him years back!
brill bloke!